Update June 20th 2015

Shopping around reading information about gun safes especially trying to identify a used safe. In modern times everyone has mobile smart phone just snap a quick picture of your used gun safe and send it to us we will tell you what kind it is and about what it's worth and what we are willing to buy your old used gun safe from you for.

We get contacted by American Gun Safe Owners who seek to upgrade their Fireproof Gun Safes.  Usually these folks are calling because their firearms collection somehow got way bigger than what they had anticipated when first thinking of what size gun safe they would need for the future. This is a common theme heard over and over again with gun safe owners from every town in the U.S.A.

This poses  a secondary problem.  What’s my old gun safe worth today? There have been many changes and advancements in gun safe manufacturing in the last 10 to 15 years.  The industry also expanded globally very fast offering a wider range of lighter safes contrasting the traditional heavier style American made Gun Safes.  Because of this wide range and spectrum of Gun Safes  it’s important to identify the level of quality home or fireproof gun safe that you possess.

Identifying the qualities and values of Fireproof Gun Safes

Gun Safe Brand

The first key point in identifying a gun safe is by locating it’s factory identification markings.  This action can speed up the process of finding out what your gun safe for sale is worth monetarily speaking.  Locate the brand and then just call the gun safe manufacturer and ask them what it’s worth.  As a gun safe factory and brand we know what it takes so just call the m and let them help you.

Gun Safe Source

Where you purchased the gun safes or fireproof gun safes makes a big difference as far as quality vs. price.  You can find safes today that weigh a measly 300 or 400 lbs and would not prevent  a seriously determined safe jacker.  Being able to remember where you purchased your gun safe or even the original paper work with would contain the gun safe features and fire safe specifications.

Gun Safe Logos

Gun Safe Logos are the fastest way to locate what kind of safe you are dealing with based on our lifelong experience.  Locate the logo and then hop online and you can type in gun safes on google images and watch how fast you can match up one that looks the same.  We believe there are about 25 major gun safe brands operating in the U.S.A. and most of them are building a solid, sturdy gun safe.  If you can’t find the logos of your gun safe online most likely

it predates the internet and not enough of the particular safe model were sold that theres a solid footprint for comparison.

Gun Safe Features & Specifications

Some of the gun safe attributes you will recognize a a gun safe shopper is the wide array of features and specifications that are possible on your everyday household gun safe.

  • Door Thickness

  • Body Thickness

  • Lock Type

  • Fire Temperature Rating

  • Fire Burn Time Rating

  • Locking Bolts Size / Count

  • Hinge Count

  • Interior Style

  • Hardware Upgrades

  • Delivery Type

Gun Safe Condition

Has the Gun Safe been used thoroughly or lightly?  

How is the paint condition?

Does the lock work?

Does the door open and close?

Do you have the combo?

Are all the recognizable pieces seemingly present?

Gun Safe Location

Logistics are important when it comes to safes.  This usually weighs heavily on the price.  When you call around to safe movers to have you fireproof gun safe moved you will realize the extent of what it costs to have one moved across town.  Gun Safes are heavy and can destroy backs. and equipment.  They can damage property and injure people if handled in an irresponsible manner.

The fastest way to find out a price of a safe, fireproof safe or gun safe is to just call a Gun Safe Guy and they will help you.  

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