A Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing a Gun Safe

From professional shooters, sportsman and law enforcement to average homeowners with a passion for self-defence or home security, guns are a common home defence tool for many people. When a gun collection begins expanding, so does the need for a place to securely store them.  Gun Safes are engineered specifically to meet this need, and are available in different sizes, shapes and gun storage capacity.  Some can be easily opened and closed  in an emergency while others may offer alarms.  Some are lighter duty and can be easily moved while others are back breakingly heavy and will not move without safe moving equipment especially after being loaded up with Guns. Some gun safes are shiny and cosmetic others are coated with durable coatings, some with beautiful or historic graphics. There are some hand painted gun safes as well as specially branded for large corporations.  There are gun safes with specialized racks to hold an assortment of certain types of guns.  Whatever guns a person owns theres a gun safe for sale that will store all of them.

Determine Storage Needs

Every person’s gun storage needs are different. A professional gun collector will need a different gun safe than an average homeowner, who will need something different than a pawn shop or jeweler. The amount of guns a person owns and the amount of space those guns take up partially determine the type of safe that is adequate. A Person who wants to store some basic guns for basic farm use or home protection, such as a shotgun, single handgun, and a little bit of ammo, will only need a small gun safe to meet his or her needs. Someone who runs a pawn shop or is a serious gun collector, however, will require something much more extensive to house a large collection of guns.

Gun Safe Portability

Whether or not a gun safe needs to be moved from site to site is definitely something that needs to be considered when looking for a gun safe to purchase. Someone may have an extensive collection of guns, but if those guns need to be moved between different sites often, storing them all inside one massive gun safe just isn’t an acceptable option.  Guns can be quite heavy, and if they need to be carried around, then the weight may need to be split up between multiple gun safes in order to facilitate transportation. If an individual is just looking for a place to store all of his or her guns at home, however, then the biggest, heaviest gun safe can be purchased without much concern, and it may actually be the most efficient method.

Gun Safes with Wheels

Sometimes people don’t need to take their guns outside of their own homes, but still need to be able to move them around to different areas of the house. Protecting your home or office in a timely manner when your gun safe is inaccessible can pose an issue if all of the guns are kept in one gun safe. For the sake of saving space, however, one large gun safe can still be purchased, as many models come equipped with wheels for easy movement. Different castors are rated for different weights, so ensure that the model that is purchased is acceptable for the guns stored inside. This lets an individual bring an entire gun collection within arms reach, no matter where in the house or garage the individual is working.

Weight of Guns

The weight of the guns being stored should be considered before purchasing any type of gun safe. A large collection of guns may conveniently fit inside a gun safe, but whether or not the gun safe can support that weight is another story. Gun Safe Shelves are rated for a certain amount of weight, and the buyer should take note of this weight limit before making a purchase. Guns are often much heavier than they appear, and the weight adds up quickly. For extra support, some gun safes are made to hold more guns than others depending on the gun safe rating.

Storing Ammunition

Many people think about where they will store all of their favorite guns when looking for the perfect gun safe. They plan out which part will hold their Ar’s, and where their  1911’s will be stowed away. Ammunition, though, is often forgotten. Along with any kind of experience that requires guns is also going to require some kind of Ammunition. Be it 9mm, .40, .45, .223, .308, Slugs, or shotgun shells, these tiny bits of metal are often purchased in large quantities, and sometimes tend to accumulate without anyone really knowing what they previously held together.

One way or another, everyone with guns to store is sure to have a good amount of ammunition that needs storing as well. Some gun safes come with built-in organizer compartments specifically for this purpose, while others provide room for additional containers. The amount of ammunition that a person owns or plans to own should be taken into account when purchasing a gun safe as well.

Types of Gun Safes

There are various different styles of gun safes that fit the needs of different types of people. Some cater to specific types of guns, while others are nothing more than basic, sturdy boxes. Some are portable, while others are too large and heavy to be easily moved. A lot of the decision comes down to the personal preference of the gun safe buyer.

Type of Gun Safe


New Gun Safes

Made of Heavy-duty steel and premium fire insulation with many pouches and pockets for storage; convenient for protecting guns from theft and fire

Used Gun Safes

Used Condition | Made of Heavy-duty steel and premium fire insulation with many pouches and pockets for storage; convenient for protecting guns from theft and fire

Vault Doors

Made of Heavy-duty steel and premium fire insulation with many pouches and pockets for storage; Easily installed

Handgun Safes

Made of light-duty steel and no fire insulation with no pouches or pockets for storage; convenient for protecting guns from children inner-family security, medicine storage

Office Safes

Made of Heavy-duty steel and premium fire insulation with many pouches and pockets for storage; convenient for protecting documents from theft and fire

Home Safes

Made of Heavy-duty steel and premium fire insulation with many pouches and pockets for storage; convenient for protecting documents, jewelry, guns from theft and fire

Although some of the different styles of gun safes are catered for holding certain kinds of guns, that doesn’t mean that they are limited to storing only those types of items. Hunter’s & Sportsman gun safes, for example, are extremely common in homes and garages of all kinds, not only gun stores, due to their ability to keep a large number of documents & jewelry stored in a neat and organized manner. It really comes down to storage, portability, and simply what the buyer’s personal preference dictates.

Wish List

In some cases, gun safes can be an expensive investment. Whether a person’s gun collection is already extensive, or whether he or she plans to grow a collection over time, a large gun safe to hold everything in is not something that can be purchased on a whim. It may take time to for a buyer to save up for a gun safe that meets all his or her requirements. Fortunately, most gun safe companies provide financing options and layaway to its users. Using this feature, a buyer can find a product, and affordably own it without having to come completely out of pocket which is nice for some gun safe shoppers.


Guns can be an expensive investment, so it only makes sense to pick up a high quality gun safe to store them in. There are gun safes built to house all sorts of guns, in both stationary and portable models. Some are made from extra durable materials to withstand dings and bumps, and some even have advanced locks to keep things safe while they are unattended. They may have wheels to roll around a garage, or they may bolt onto a truck bed for access in any location. No matter what type of gun application a person has for their guns, there is a gun safe that is the perfect fit for them. An individual simply has to answer a few basic questions in order to choose the right type of gun safe for them. To find a large selection of  gun safes of all types, a few clicks through www.oldglorygunsafes.com is all it takes.

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