The truth about the best gun safes for sale new or used

Gun Safes are a lot like jewelry & cars in the fact that they come in different grades that are not so obvious.  The gun safe grade makes a big difference in price as well as logistically due to the weight having direct correlation to the safe grade...the better the safe the more it weighs.  Safes also have hidden parts that you cannot see that affect the price like gears vs. slides or advanced relockers vs. gravity relockers.  Also like cars the sourcing and warranty responsibilities can be foggy.  Who repairs your safe when it malfunctions and who pay for it.  Who’s responsible when the internals get damaged during or after mechanical failure?  Let’s cover some of the main things that should be cleared up in regards to available Gun Safe Information.

1) Fire Protection

Some Safe Companies including Gun Safe Companies don’t realize the melting point of steel and issue false fireproofing claims to attain their short sided goal of selling you a safe.  Some gun safe companies are like a guy in his garage who managed to build a website.  It’s important to realize fire protection claims beyond the melting point of steel are obviously fake.It pains us to write this fact but not all gun safe companies are created equal.  Try looking up whatever company you are looking at by typing their web url into google for best results like this. Old Glory Gun Safes boast a 1880 degree fire rating which is endorsed by the Fire Department.  Call us for more details (877)411-3600

2) Combo Locks vs. Digital Locks on Gun Safes

Gun Safe Companies who just “sell” safes are not equipped to work on locks typically unless they are a premium safe dealer like a gun safe regional supplier or gun safe metro area leader.   Most standard dealer safes come equipped with a combo “dial” lock vs a digital lock.  Both devices have a similar malfunction rate over time.  Most digital locks have some sort of override whereas most combination style locks do not have an override feature which renders it inoperable in an emergency there would be no recourse. Digital locks run on batteries but if the run out or it’s hit with an EMP you have the override keys to fall back on which is BY FAR A SAFER OPTION if true security is your concern.  Old Glory is the Best Gun Safe.

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