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About Us

"Designing, manufacturing, buying and selling New & Used Gun Safes of all types, providing service to every zip code in the U.S.A.!"

Old Glory Gun Safe Company is here for you to serve honestly from a position of strength, technology and sound security practices. Before you decide which Gun Safe to own or operate call Old Glory Safe Company to learn about serious loss prevention, learn life-saving Gun Safe Practices, Learn to Protect Children and the ageing but most of all learn to buy a Gun Safe with all the features that will accomplish what you want to, Learn to shop for used gun safes. You are welcome to call us (877) 411-3600 and ask questions or contact us. Old Glory Gun Safe Company is here for you, a phone call or an email away at any time!

Want a gun safe that's going to protect your valuables when you can't be there? Old Glory Gun Safes will take the job. With our expansive experience in safe manufacturing, we can take on any challenge in the design of a gun safe. Our quality speaks for itself in an unending stream of happy safe owners and protected valuables. There's no other safe out there with so much positive feedback.

Gun Safes

Old Glory Gun Safe Safes: Next Level Gun Security

In a world of mass production and the low price war on Gun Safes in full swing the Old Glory Gun Safe Company is a true “best kept secret” when it comes to supplying America’s Gun Owners with superior Gun Safes. With years of experience designing, engineering and fabricating Gun Safes, Old Glory Gun Safe Company can protect your guns better than the majority of American Gun Safe Brands. Our creed is to create the finest Gun Safe possible for the reasonable prices you see reflected on our online catalogue. Through the guidance and adherence to the laws of our creator we hope to be the Best Gun Safe available and will strive to meet your expectations. We know you worked hard for your Guns, we want to provide for you the Safest Gun Safe with the maximum fire tolerances comprised of the finest materials we can acquire.

Gun Safe Features that should not be overlooked

A Gun Safe Lock that is saving lives

There are rumors that combo locks are better than digital locks or vise versa but the people who have been locked out by either will tell you the opposite is true. Many Gun Safe Companies use the locking systems as a way to upsell as an added accessory. Some Safe Companies demonize the digital locking system all together. At Old Glory Gun Safe Company we have tested the limitations of the locks available to our Gun Safe Factories including Digital Gun Safe Locks, Spin Dial Combo Locks, Key Locks, Magnetic Locks and even E.M.P. Proof Biometric Locking systems. What we found in our comparisons is Gun Safe Locks are a lot like Guns in general they all have their strengths and limitations. Our goal is to get your guns protected without restricting your ease of access. Our findings resulted in choosing a Digital Lock with a Unique Key Manual Override to provide lightning fast access with bullet proof reliance 0% lockout. The worst thing second to having your safe compromised is a LOCKOUT in a time that swift access is required. Next we required that the keypad be backlit for those sleepy eyed moments you can gain access to your gun safe without having to flip on the lights to see.

Locking bolts that will hold the line

Many Gun Safes offer 7 locking bolts which leads to videos of gun safes on youtube being popped open with a crowbar.  When you have such a large door it must be produced to withstand a pry attack. The first place gun safe companies cut corners is in the plate steel and the locking bolts. Old Glory Gun Safe Company offers (20) 1.5’’ locking bolts covering four sides of the door for 4-way bolt coverage. We are pushing the definition of what an affordable gun safe can be. Gun Safes can look similar from the outside but when you look at the locking bolts you can quickly tell the level of security you are getting. There are many ways to build an action to open and close a Gun Safe's boltwork in it’s bellhouse. Not all safe companies are using gear driven boltwork created for years of smooth action, our stamped precision parts are manufactured to meet the demands of years of operation.

3 Hinges because door sag is real

Things can go wrong after the warranty expires on most gun safes. We offer a lifetime warranty but we also build the safe so that you won't experience door sag which over time can prevent you from closing the door properly especially when utilizing the door storage. Many companies are offering the tactical door storage but they are still not providing a 3rd hinge unless you buy the top of the line safe. The hinge on the door of your gun safe in more important than you might think.

Our unending focus on quality, innovation, and customer service makes us an ideal choice for:
  • superior fire protection
  • maximum theft protection
  • hassle-free unlimited lifetime warranty
  • advanced emp-proof locks
  • fully adjustable interiors

Customer service with a smile

Most safe companies can't even be reached on the phone. Our team of expert customer service agents are always happy to answer any questions. We don't employ robots that demand you to press numbers before you talk to a person.

Who should get an Old Glory Gun Safe?

We have served the likes of military, law enforcement, firefighters, and sportsmen with the strictest of requirements. They come to Old Glory Safe Co. when no one else can stand up to the task.

Where does your information go?

We take your privacy very seriously here at Old Glory and will never sell your information to anyone outside of our company. We use the latest 256 bit tls encryption to ensure that your visit to our website is secure and protected from prying eyes. We are also available by phone at (877)411-3600 anytime, day or night.

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