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Gun Safe F.A.Q.

Who owns Old Glory Gun Safe Company?

An American Owned and operated company Old Glory Gun Safes is a Ridge Runner Outdoors llc family of brands. We use the latest advancements in steel production, state of the art fire protection material as well as our in-house quality control & modernized logistics platform make sure you are always getting the best safe we can possibly create and delivery for you. As Gun Owners we stand by all of our Gun Safes with a lifetime warranty including a money back guarantee with over 50 years of combined experience our employees take protecting your guns to heart.

Where are Old Glory Gun Safes Made?

Our contracted O.E factories include Southern California, Mexico & China. Our Gun Safe lines are designed in-house however we use contract factories to leverage the highest quality for the lowest price including lower shared costs and access to advanced machinery.

How long does it take to ship?

We use common carriers and take full responsibility for the shipping process. Typical shipping is same day you order before 1:00 p.m after 1:00 p.m next day shipping. The typical delivery of an Old Glory Gun Safe will take place within 10 to 14 days from the day you order, Busy periods 3 to 6 weeks. All shipments are tracked via pro number and are delivered by appointment so the Gun Safe won’t be a surprise delivery while you are at work.  We also offer “freight warehouse pick-up” or “will call” which includes a discounted price.

What does Free Garage Delivery consist of?

One driver placing safe into customer’s garage or covered carport. Please note that the access to the garage or carport the ground must be flat and allow the pallet jack to roll over it for easy access to where the safe will be placed… if a pallet jack cannot roll into the space easily the garage delivery will then become curbside delivery this free garage delivery service is available in most locations inside the Continental US Please note that this is a delivery service only and does not include the unpacking, removal from pallet or debris removal, Safe will just be delivered into the garage on a pallet jack and unloaded

What about humidity?

Gun Safes are known to trap moisture due to environmental changes in the air throughout the day which can cause condensation.  There are multiple ways to approach moisture control. A popular device called a dehumidifying rod can be placed inside your safe. You may want to try a non-electric solution to control the moisture like damprid which you can pick up at the grocery store or local hardware store and they are disposable. You can try bull frog which is an anti-rust inhibitor which is used by NATO to prevent condensation effects altogether.

What’s the Gun Safe warranty?

Old Glory manufactures quality, durable, and reliable gun safes. So, if your safe ever breaks, goes through a fire, or a burglary, we'll replace or fix it on site at no cost to you. We stand by our safes for a lifetime and since we make the best gun safes out there, that's a guarantee you can stand by. Our warranty is fully transferable in the event you sell it.

Old Glory Gun Safe Company

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