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BR Elite 39 Gun 2-Hour 1880 Fire Tactical Gun Safe - U.S.M.C. Forever Marine *As low as $166 per mo. o.a.c.
BR Elite 39 Gun 2-Hour 1880 Fire Tactical Gun Safe - U.S.M.C. Forever Marine *As low as $166 per mo. o.a.c.

BR Elite 39 Gun 2-Hour 1880 Fire Tactical Gun Safe - U.S.M.C. Forever Marine *As low as $166 per mo. o.a.c.

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Pick up at a dock or terminal safe $100 *Additional fees for shipping to HI & AK (-$100.00)
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BR Series 39 Gun 2-Hour 1880 Fire Tactical Gun Safe - U.S.M.C. Forever Marine

Dimensions: 60'' x 39'' x 27'' w/ handle 

Inside Dimensions: 60'' x 36.5'' x 18'' 

Weight: 809 lbs

  • Meets an Exceeds National Security Standards for Theft and Fire
  • Class IV 120-minute 2-Hour 1880 fire certification (Stores Papers also)
  • Thicker Heavy-duty 9 Gauge steel body (twice as thick)
  • 5" solid-edge door Composite 1/4'' Solid Plate Steel
  • 3 Strong external hinges with caps
  • 2 1/4" firewall (up to 4 layers plus one layer of steel)
  • Pyro-Blocker X-Type Fire Insulation
  • Palusol fire seal - Expandable Heat Activated
  • 1.5" Advanced locking bolts - 4 way Coverage
  • UL-listed group II lock
  • 5-point handle
  • 4-way positive deadlock locking mechanism
  • Eagle Eye hard plate protecting critical spots
  • Premium Relocking System
  • Alarm System Ready
  • Tactical Door Storage
  • Easy Out Interiors
  • Lighting

39 Gun Heavy-duty Fireproof "BATTLE READY" 2-Hour 1880 Fire Gun Safe by Old Glory Gun Safes

All Premium upgrades listed below included FREE - Limited Promotion with purchase of BR Series Gun Safe.
"Best Gun Safes we have ever used" "A Breeze to use" "Heavy-Duty"
 Manual/Digital locking By-Pass Function
(Unlimited FREE lifetime warranty covers all aspects)
2-hour fire at 1880 degrees reg. $499 (Included)
(A must have if you are keeping anything other than just guns in the safe)
Tactical “Blue” Lighting Auto-on reg. $399.00 (Included)
(Open your safe without turning room lights on & giving away your location)
“American Eagle” Mural $19.00
(Tribute to Military & Law Enforcement)
“Gadsden Snake” 5- Star with silver ring $129.00 (Included)
(Tribute to Military & Law Enforcement)
3rd  reinforced Hinge $99 (Included)
(Great for added protection)
20 Bolt Locking system $249.00  (Included)
(Upgraded for more pry resistance)
Solid Chrome Hinge Caps &79.00 (Included)
(Makes your safe look like furniture, nice touch)
Black High Gloss Paint
(Very thick paint "Highly Durable"  coat)
5'' Thick door
(Thickest door in the business)
E.M.P Fail Safe 0% lockout

As for Premium Heavy-Duty Gun Safes, the 1st Class Steel built BR Series 39 Gun 2-Hour Fire Gun Safe is a great choice for Gun Storage and Fire Protection. This Gun Safe by the Old Glory Safe Company is made of 100% Premium Materials including cold rolled steel and continuously welded uni-body construction for superior theft deterrence and long lasting durability. The BR Series 39 Gun 2-Hour Fire Gun Safe has special locking features with top security in mind, to give you a gun safe to be usable and secure for your daily gun safe needs.

Why Old Glory Safes?Most Other Safe Co.'sOld Glory Safe Company
Steel Thickness12 Gauge Steel Defeated with non-powered tools10 Gauge and 1/4" Stands up to Tool / Pry Attacks
Weight of Gun Safes200 lbs to 580 lbs Light -Duty Easily Torn639 lbs to 2500 lbs 100% Better Quality
Fire Protection45 mins - 1 hour @ 1200 degrees will burn 87% fire loss for Wood/Paper Items low level RSC ratings2 Hours 1880 Degrees 99% Fire Survival Rate for Wood/Paper Items BEST RATED!
Locking Bolt Config.(3) to (8) ct 3/4" to 1" Dia. 2 Side Coverage leaves you open to Pop and Peel attacks low level RSC ratings(18) ct HUGE 1.5" 4 Side Expansive 4 Way Bolt Coverage Extreme anti-pry attack protection
Locking TechnologyStd. Industry Locks 1 year warrantyFail Safe Lifetime Warranty
Hinge SetInternal or light duty double Hinges sag over timeHeavy Duty Triple Hinge Set for Maximum load
Old Glory AR-15 Contest

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