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 LE Legend 24 Gun 2-Hour Fire Tactical Gun Safe
LE Legend 24 Gun 2-Hour Fire Tactical Gun Safe

LE Legend 24 Gun 2-Hour Fire Tactical Gun Safe

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Part Number:GUNSAFE-LEO6030

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Model - LE Legend Series Old Glory Tactical 24 Gun Safe

Dimensions: 60" x 30" x 27" w/ handle

Inside dimension: 57.5" x 27.5" x 18"

Weight: 702 lbs

  • Meets and Exceeds National Security Standards for Theft and Fire
  • 2-Hour 1880 fire certification  (Stores Papers also)
  • 10 Gauge steel body 
  • 1/4" Solid Plate Steel Single-Step Door Construction
  • 2 Strong external hinges with caps
  • 2 1/4" firewall (up to 4 layers plus one layer of steel)
  • Pyro-Blocker X-Type Fire Insulation
  • Palusol fire seal - Expandable Heat Activated
  • 1.5" Advanced locking bolts - 4 way Coverage
  • UL-listed group II lock EMP Over-ride
  • 5-point handle
  • 4-way positive deadlock locking mechanism
  • Eagle Eye hard plate protecting critical spots
  • Re-locking System
  • Alarm System Ready
  • Tactical Door Storage
  • Easy Out Interiors
  • Lighting
  • This safe does not qualify for free financing

As for Premium Heavy-Duty Gun Safes, the 1st Class Steel built BR Series 24 Gun 2-Hour Fire Gun Safe is a great choice for Gun Storage and Fire Protection. This Gun Safe by the Old Glory Safe Company is made of 100% Premium Materials including cold rolled steel and continuously welded uni-body construction for superior theft deterrence and long lasting durability. The BR Series 24 Gun 2-Hour Fire Gun Safe has special locking features with top security in mind, to give you a gun safe to be usable and secure for your daily gun safe needs.

Now offering you EASYPAY 100% Interest-Free ZERO DOWN financing on your gun safe!

BR Series Tactical Banner

All Premium upgrades listed below included FREE - Limited Promotion with purchase of BR Series Gun Safe.

24 Gun Safe

Manual/Digital locking By-Pass Function
(Unlimited FREE lifetime warranty covers all aspects)

2-hour fire at 1880 degrees reg. (Included)
(A must have if you are keeping anything other than just guns in the safe)

Tactical "Blue"Lighting Auto-on reg. (Included)
(Open your safe without turning room lights on & giving away your location)

Tactical Door Storage
(Pistol Pockets and storage pockets)

"American Eagle" Mural (magnet)
(Tribute to Military & Law Enforcement)

"Gadsden Snake" 5- Star with silver ring (Included)
(Tribute to Military & Law Enforcement)

3rd  reinforced Hinge (Included)
(Great for added protection)

20 Bolt Locking system (Included)
(Upgraded for more pry resistance)

Solid Chrome Hinge Caps (Included)
(Makes your safe look like furniture, nice touch)

Black High Gloss Paint
(Very thick paint "Highly Durable"  coat)

5" Thick door
(Thickest door in the business)

E.M.P Fail Safe 0% lockout

Free Garage Delivery*
(Where the pallet jack can roll it in only)

BR Series 6030 Front View Wide Open

Old Glory Gun Safe Lock

BR Series 6030 Front Top View Wide Open

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